Tax Rates Weekly benefit
Basic Retirement Pension
Single person £125.95
Couple £201.45
Pension Credit (Standard Minimum Guarantee)
Single person £163.00
Couple £248.80
New State Pension £164.35
Child Benefit
First eligible child £20.70
Each subsequent child £13.70

Statutory Pay qualification – average weekly earnings (AWE) £116 or over.

Sick (SSP) The standard rate is £92.05 per week for up to 28 weeks.

Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP), Adoption (SAP) and Paternity (SPP) paid at the lower of £145.18 or 90% of average weekly earnings (AWE) apart from the first 6 weeks of SMP which is paid at 90% of AWE. SMP and SAP are payable for up to 39 weeks. SPP is payable for up to the balance of the untaken SMP period. SPP payable for up to 2 weeks.

Job Seekers Allowance is paid at £73.10 (single person – 25 or over) or £114.85 (couple – both 18 or over).

Universal Credit (monthly rates)
Standard allowance is for a single person (25 or over) is £317.82. The couple’s rate (where one or both are 25 or over) is £498.89. The new Universal Credit is being phased in gradually.

National Living Wage
Workers aged 25 and over – £7.83 from April 2018

National Minimum Wage
Age 21 – 24 18-20 16-17 Apprentices*
From 1 April 2018 £7.38 p.h. £5.90 p.h. £4.20 p.h. £3.70 p.h.

*Rate applies to apprentices under 19, or those 19 and over in the first year of apprenticeship